Das sind die 5 besten Übungen gegen Unterbauchfett | freundin.de

Tschüss Unterbauchfett: Mit diesen Übungen sagen Sie den leidigen Röllchen am Bauch den Kampf an Eine der schwierigsten Zonen am Körper, wenn es um das Thema Abnehmen geht, ist das Unterbauchfett. Dieses hält sich gerne hartnäckig und besonders lang. Dabei gibt es einige Sportübungen, die genau auf diese Zone abzielen und dabei helfen können, das Fett zu reduzieren. Mit diesen gezielten Übungen für eine schöne Körpermitte sagen Sie Ihrem kleinen Bäuchlein schon bald Lebewohl. Mit diesen Lebe...
Tschüss Unterbauchfett: Mit diesen Übungen sagen Sie den leidigen Röllchen am Bauch den Kampf an

8 Things a Girl Needs From Her Mom — Hope In Affliction

Daughters need their mom for many reasons! Read 8 of the most important things a daughter needs from her mom. #parenting #raisingdaughters #parentingadvice #momlife #motherdaughter #girls #hopeinaffliction
The mother-daughter relationship is so valuable. As Mom’s there is great privilege and responsibility in raising daughter’s well. Daughter’s need their mom’s to pursue their hearts, model self-respect and confidence, and love them unconditionally. Continue reading to find out what your daughter need

The SECRET Way to Discipline Kids Without Yelling: Enforceable Limits

Toys R Us Baby Clearance #BabySleepTips11Months #★parenting★
How do I get my child to listen without yelling? You MUST try this amazing parenting tool: setting enforceable limits with kids from Love & Logic.

7 Tips for Parenting an Active Toddler - Imperfectly Perfect Mama

Parenting advice for active toddlers. How can you handle an over-active toddler? Here are 7 parenting tips for your active toddler. #parenting #toddleractivities
If you read the words “active toddler” and wondered if that applied to your little one, let me save you some time. It doesn’t. However, if you read the term “active toddler,” snort-laughed, and thought something along the lines of “yeah, try toddlernado,” or “I hadn’t realized terrorizing the villagers was an activity” this post… →

3 Parent Fails That Could Negatively Affect Your Relationship With Your Kids-Word From The Bird

Positive parenting advice for raising kids to be mentally and emotionally healthy. There are common mistakes that parents make, and if left unnoticed, might emotionally damage your child. Find out what those things are, and how you can easily change your parenting to help your child emotionally thrive. #parenting #mentalhealth #hacks #raisingkids #parentingtips #love #quotes
Here are a few common mistakes that parents miss from their daily interaction with their kids. How to get your kids to behave without addressing their behavior. Parenting skills and techniques that go against the grind of more popular ways like Love & Logic. Learn how to connect and identify wit